Federal Conveyor Belting

Federal Belting provides high performance conveyor belting service

The Federal line of conveyor belting gives high performance, long-lasting service in bulk -haulage and bucket elevator applications under the severest operating conditions. This is a result of federal’s special combination of tough synthetic fabric plies, superior adhesion, and protective covers designed for specific belt applications.

In Conventional multiple-ply belting, the weight of the belt increases in direct proportion to the increase in the number of plies. The belt gets heavier and bulkier as plies are added. Federal[s unique constriction concentrates high strength in fewer plies so that the best can be made with less weigh and thickness than multiple-ply belts. This makes Federal Belting more flexible so that it can travel easily over smaller pulleys. The reduction in weight makes it easier to install and saves on the energy needed to drive the belt.

Federal Belting is available with a wide variety of specially compounded rubber covers for a full range of general and special service requirements. These have been developed to provide superior long wearing carcass protection and maximum overall belt performance.

Additional belt serviceability is afforded by the high strength synthetic fabric used in the federal carcass. It has optimum resistance to stretch, resists chemical attack, has only one-tenth the water absorption of nylon and does not become stretchy when wet. The synthetic carcass is also engineered for high impact, tear and rip resistance and the fabric is chemically bonded to the rubber for high resistance to de lamination. Federal’s outstanding features provide ling service life in bulk haulage conveyor and bucket elevator applications, assuring you of top value fo4r your conveyor belting dollar.

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Federal conveyor Belting is available in covers for every rugged application

High impact Service


RMA Grade 1 Cover. Excellent abrasion resistance. Best resistance to combined cutting, gouging and heavy impact. Recommended for use with heavy impact from de-barker, large0lump ores) iron, copper, molybdenum). rocky earths, traprock, quarts ores, granite, glass cullet, and similar materials.

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Federal Belting is available

Type RCB

Designed to provide the most economical service on conveyors and elevators handling pine wood chips where resistance to terpenes is required. Also re3commended for moderate to high abrasion service handling whole g4rains such as where, kernel Soybeans, milo, etc., in high capacity storage elevators where wearing qualities and along life are required.

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